Meanwhile, In America’s Most Comical Special Election…

Came across a “unique” DC blog that piped up about the Childers/Davis race.

Greg Davis, the GOP candidate in a special election to fill an open Mississippi House seat, will enlist the Dark Lord himself, Dick Cheney, to campaign the day before next Tuesday’s election. Cheney, of course, is the polar opposite of Barack Obama, the #1 terrorist and cheerleader of Davis’ opponent Travis Childers. When asked about Cheney’s emergency involvement, Childers said nothing. Childers rarely says anything about anything, because he is a member of the radical liberal Democrat party. Watch this: TRAVIS CHILDERS WEARS WOMEN’S UNDERGARMENTS! We can write that since Travis Childers is incapable of denying it, because he says nothing. [Commercial Appeal]

What’s “interesting” is in the comments portion:

Travis has a new attack ad out against Davis which absolutely savages him, and it’s done through the medium of mime.

Of course, some still think the movie Deliverance was set in Mississippi.

No, but I have a feeling I don’t want to go there for a canoe trip either.

Cue banjo.

Or, that we are just living in yesteryear:

Dick Cheney needs directions from the Death Star to Mississippi… can you help?
— Head south until the chronometer reads 1925.