DC insiders rank Rick Perry second to Mitt Romney for GOP nomination

Gov. Rick Perry is placing in a race he didn’t show up to — at least not yet.

While still (yes, still) considering a presidential run, DC political insiders already see Perry as a viable candidate. The Texas governor placed just behind front-runner Mitt Romney in a National Journal poll of Republican insiders released this week.

Romney has led the pack in each of the National Journal’s last five Political Insiders Polls since January 2010, and this time — with one-time possibilities such as Haley Barbour and Mitch Daniels definitively on the sidelines — got his highest score yet. Candidates are given points based on how each insider ranks them – five points for first, four for second and so on – and come out with a percentage of the total points possible if all 107 insiders had ranked them first. Romney scored an impressive 93 percent of the total possible points.