Dear DC Vote Supporter:

Today we are launching a new part of our aggressive summer campaign: Childers for DC Mayor?

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Members of Congress should focus on the issues affecting their states rather than interfering in DC’s local politics. Representative Travis Childers (D-MS) is co-sponsoring the DC gun bill that would take away DC’s autonomy on local gun laws. If Rep. Childers wants to control DC’s laws, why doesn’t he run for DC’s Mayor?

This new campaign includes a half page advertisement in the Mississippi Daily Journal and online ads on Mississippi websites.

This morning, DC Vote supporters also distributed the ad in the shadow of the Capitol during rush hour. We experienced a wide range of responses from congressional staffers, tourists and even a Member of Congress. Some thought it was great–creative and innovative, while others (including Democratic Representative Ed Purlmutter from Colorado) seemed to be a little angered by the advertisement. Regardless, it is safe to say that we caught people’s attention this morning!

Take action today to help us create consequences for Members of Congress who meddle in DC affairs. Call Rep. Childers’ office now at 202.225.4306 and ask him if he’s planning to run for DC Mayor.

As the Washington Post said on Sunday, “Fighting for voting rights is hard. That isn’t reason to give up.” Thank you for not giving up. Your passion and dedication inspire us every day.

DC Vote