Representative Childers issued a press release today, which was posted on your website, in which he made numerous false statements. I hope you will allow us to respond by posting the following statement:

Representative Childers issued a press release today in which he made numerous false statements. He referred to us as a “radical anti-gun” organization.

DC Vote does not have a position on gun issues. Our organization is a 501 (c)3 non-profit that advocates for voting representation in Congress and local control over local issues. DC Vote’s position is that DC laws should be written and voted on by the elected representatives of DC’s citizens. There’s nothing radical about our position at all.

Contrary to Rep. Childers’ statement, Washington, DC’s government HAS complied with Supreme Court’s ruling in the Heller case, with multiple pieces of legislation. In 2010 the District’s laws were upheld in Federal court, which is the proper arbiter of whether DC’s laws are in compliance with the Constitution. Like any other citizen or lawmaker who wishes to challenge an existing law, Rep. Childers should join or file a lawsuit in federal court. Childers would not allow Congress to interfere in the local affairs of Mississippians. He should show the same respect for the people of DC.

Lastly, Rep. Childers ended his statement with an attempt to link this DC issue back to his constituents in Mississippi, where he is running for re-election, saying “This latest tassle over Second Amendment rights gun [sic] is another example that when the pressure is on, Travis stands up for North Mississippi and doesn’t back down.” The question remains how Rep. Childers is standing up for his constituents while spending his time on matters concerning residents of the District of Columbia.

Ilir Zherka
Executive Director
DC Vote