The folks at the DCCC and the MS Democratic Party must have received the same sub-standard education as evidenced by their inability to perform basic math.

Both the DCCC and the MS Dems have lamely attempted to paint State Senator Alan Nunnelee as a “career politician”. However, they have blissfully (and/or intentionally) ignored the history of Travis Childers elective history.

According to Wikipedia, Travis Childers has held elective office since 1991.

Alan Nunnelee was not elected till 1994.

So riddle me this . . . in Democrat math is 19 less than 16?

Nunnelee was had a much larger impact and had a much higher profile public servant in his first 15 years of public service than Childers. The truth is that the “career politician” label they are trying to put on Nunnelee probably is a sign that they are grasping at straws on how to attack Nunnelee. They can’t claim he’s “too conservative” because that’s too easily flipped against Childers. They’ll have a hard time coming after Nunnelee’s votes because he had Barbour’s support and Dems don’t want to drag Haley into this race. It’s an interesting (and coordinated) messaging attempt. However, the NRCC should probably come out and press back on the hypocrisy on Nunnelee’s behalf.