Nunnelee’s Intentions Become Clearer – Social Security Should Be Privatized

~After 112 Days of Silence, first endorsers of the campaign supports privatization~

Over the last 48 hours, career politician and congressional candidate Alan Nunnelee (MS-01) made his intention to support Social Security privatization clearer with the first endorsements of his general election campaign from rivals who supported the Republican leadership’s plan for privatization. Previously, Nunnelee had been studying plans to privatize Social Security.

Nunnelee was endorsed today by former rival Angela McGlowan and yesterday by Henry Ross, both candidates who made a focus of their campaigns supporting the privatization of Social Security. Representative Travis Childers opposes privatization.

“Up till now, all Alan Nunnelee would admit is he’s begun studying whether seniors deserve their Social Security and whether he’ll privatize it, but now his first endorsements come from those who ran a campaign to back privatization plans,” said Jesse Ferguson, Southern Regional Press Secretary for the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “The problem for Alan Nunnelee is that Mississippi seniors don’t agree.”

At a primary campaign debate, Nunnelee said he is “studying such proposals and has yet taken an ironclad position privatization.” In an early April interview, Nunnelee “did not offer any specific ideas when asked” about his support for the controversial privatization of Social Security. He previously “steered clear of the specifics” on a controversial House Republican leadership budget proposal that includes Social Security privatization in a local television interview 112 days ago.


Last 48 Hours – Privatization Advocates back Nunnelee. Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, who both support privatization Social Security, were the first endorsements of Alan Nunnelee’s general election campaign. [NEMS Daily Journal, 6/10/10; McGlowan Email, 6/11/10]

38 Days Ago – Nunnelee started studying. In response to a question last evening, state Senator Nunnelee said he had begun studying plans to privatize social security but has not developed an “ironclad” position. Both of his primary opponents, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, continued to voice support. [Desoto Times, 5/4/10]

68 Days Ago – Nunnelee Still Silent. In early April, state Senator Nunnelee refused to answer an inquiry from the Daily Journal about his support for privatizing Social Security. Both of his primary opponents, Henry Ross and Angela McGlowan, have voiced support. [NEMS Daily Journal, 4/4/10]

112 Days Ago – Nunnelee Silent. On February 19, 2010, state Senator Nunnelee “steered clear of the specifics” when asked about the controversial GOP budget proposal that included Social Security privatization by a local television station. [WCBI, 2/19/10]

House GOP Leader supports privatizing Social Security. In May 2001, now NRCC Chairman Representative Pete Sessions, co-signed a letter to the President’s Commission to Strengthen Social Security urging for privatization. The letter read, “Social Security reform must offer younger workers the opportunity to improve their rates of return using personal retirement accounts.” [Rep. Jim DeMint Letter to The Social Security Reform Commission, 5/24/01]
Alan Nunnelee is a part of the National Republican Congressional Committee’s list of “Young Guns” in their Young Gun candidate program. [NRCC]

House Republican leaders in Washington have re-introduced a plan, sponsored by ranking Republican budget committee member Representative Paul Ryan, that returns to the Bush-era concept of privatizing Social Security in Wall Street accounts. [Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, 3/10/10] In 2005, President Bush went on a 60 stops in 60 days Social Security tour, following him outlining the details of his private account plan in his February State of the Union Address. [Washington Post, 4/27/05]