Robert Gray’s unlikely primary win in Mississippi draws suspicion, shock

Slater has called the weeks after the loss in the 2015 primary “a grieving process.”

“I don’t have any facts to make me think that it was something insidious, other than the fact that in the last three primaries that we’ve had, the Republicans have stooped so low as to be taking pictures in nursing homes, and breaking into courthouses, and all of that kind of thing,” she told MSNBC. “They do that to each other, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they did it in a Democratic primary, but I don’t have any facts to make me think that.”

Joe Nosef, chairman of the Mississippi Republican Party, refuted the implication. “I categorically deny any Jedi mind trick-related activity with regard to Robert Gray,” he said.

“I could believe someone said go put your name on the ballot we’ll pay your fee,” Hall said, but added Slater failed to establish name ID despite running a well-funded campaign. “The full weight of the Democratic party gets you second place to a no-name candidate.”

“I think that when I found out what happened, then I’ll be at peace with it, whatever it was,” Slater said. “But, it’s impossible, unless Mr. Gray has come up with some genius strategy where you can do nothing, spend nothing, go nowhere, and take 79 counties in a three-way primary — unless he’s got some sort of genius strategy for that, something else was going on.”