Defectors Among the House Democrats

Representative Travis Childers of Mississippi said that he would oppose the House health care bill because it was simply too expensive at a time of economic crisis for the nation.

“First and foremost, I cannot vote for legislation with this big of a price tag in today’s economic climate,” Mr. Childers said in a statement. “I would also like to see legislation that contains stronger language to prohibit federal funding for abortion and provides equal access to care for individuals in rural communities. My concerns in these areas have not been sufficiently addressed by this legislation.”

Representative Bart Gordon of Tennessee announced his opposition in a statement on Thursday. “I can’t support it as it stands now,” he said. “I am concerned about a mandated government-run public option, and I do not like this bill’s financial impact on the state of Tennessee. The Congressional Budget Office has also indicated that the House bill will not reduce the federal government’s spending on health care over the long term — something I believe is essential.”

Representative Jim Marshall of Georgia announced his opposition in an op-ed piece in The Atlanta Journal Constitution on Monday.