Defense Cuts Prompt Protests From Lawmakers Concerned About Job Losses

With Defense Secretary Robert Gates proposing broad cuts in Pentagon spending, a new war over the president’s budget has begun.

While critics already are warning that the plan could compromise U.S. security, the greater resistance appears to be coming from lawmakers worried that the cuts threaten thousands of jobs in their states.

Senators and representatives from Georgia, Connecticut, Missouri and other states that house divisions for defense manufacturing were quick to rebuke Gates and said they would fight to retain the programs that have been job engines for their constituents.

“As we face one of the most trying economic times in recent history, it seems counter-intuitive to take steps that will eliminate high-paying, specialized jobs that are critical to our nation’s defense,” Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., said in a written statement that warned the Pentagon was “putting thousands of good manufacturing jobs at risk.”

Fox News 4/7/9