Defense gives Florida the early edge on OU

We’ll break down the BCS national championship and the other important bowls as we get closer to the dates, but here are some quick impressions on the final weekend of the regular season:

1. Florida gets the early edge because of defense: You will hear over and over in the coming weeks that Oklahoma was the first team to ever score more than 60 points in five straight games. But who were they scoring those 60 points against? Here are the national defensive rankings for those five Oklahoma opponents: Nebraska (66), Texas Tech (72), Oklahoma State (86), Missouri (99), Texas A&M (113). The best defense in the Big 12 this season was Texas at No. 50. The best defense Oklahoma faced all season was No. 2 TCU, which held Oklahoma to its lowest point total of the season (35, which was matched by Texas). You can counter this argument by saying the offenses were just THAT GOOD in the Big 12. My point is that Oklahoma just hasn’t seen a defense like Florida’s, which is ranked No. 9 (279.31 ypg).

2. Tim Tebow should win the Heisman Trophy again: