Defense refuses to play second fiddle to offense (P Willie)

12-22) 04:00 PST St. Louis — Just like the offense, San Francisco’s defense sprang to life in the fourth quarter to contribute to the 17-16 win over the Rams, who led 16-3 with 11:36 left in the game.
The 49ers finished the game holding the Rams scoreless on their last three drives. Early in the fourth quarter, the 49ers held on third down when Marc Bulger’s pass to Torry Holt fell incomplete.
St. Louis’ next drive was three-and-out as cornerback Nate Clements broke up Bulger’s pass to Holt on third down.
Now behind by a point with 1:16 to play, the Rams had to pass. Defensive end Justin Smith got his one sack of the day when he nailed Bulger for a 5-yard loss. Four plays later, after a spectacular conversion on fourth down, the Rams tried a draw with Stephen Jackson that Patrick Willis stuffed for a 3-yard loss.