Celebrate, encourage small business owners

According to Hosemann, our efforts should focus on encouraging small business owners, not just courting major corporations who will, in his words, “allegedly bring in 1,000 employees.”

“In Meridian, we need to hit singles and doubles,” Hosemann said. “Four companies here employing 50 to 75 people – you do the math. That’s 250 to 300 new employees. That makes a huge ripple. And we have the simplest way to do that, the junior college system that trains the work force. Then, you have community support.”

“The main thing is an educated workforce, access to capital – which you have here, and community support,” he added. “That’s what will lead you to scoring runs. I’m all about hitting home runs – it’s really exciting. But four singles will get you the same result.”

Meridian Star