Very quietly this week, Mississippi Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann has reactivated his campaign website at One thing’s for sure . . . he’s campaigning for something.

As the conversation for 2011 gears in, Hosemann would be considered a shoe-in for re-election for his current position. However, many think that Hosemann may seriously consider taking another step up the political rung for a run at Lt. Governor or Governor.

Hosemann has, by any account, done a great job as Secretary of State. His reforms in corporate structuring, elections and charity oversight have earned him big points in the business community. He put together a great team last election, raised a lot of money and is a great campaigner.

Remember this?

The questions are (1) does he want to move to another spot in state government? and (2) can he raise enough money to break through the clutter of a talented class of Republicans sure to run for Lt. Governor and Governor in 2011?

Time will tell on both, but he’s certainly part of the conversation.