Robert Gray Outlines His Plans to take Governor’s Seat

Democratic candidate Robert Gray is convinced he has a strong chance.

When asked “What do you say to critics who say this man didn’t even vote for himself. We understand he was working that day but he didn’t even vote, not even in absentee ballot? He’s not serious.” Gray replied, “I’m very serious, I didn’t spend a lot of time and money, but it’s been a lot of money and time for me.”…

…Since winning the August primary, Gray has launched a campaign complete with social media presence, fundraising, and a campaign manager, his sister who says she’s proud to stand by his side. “My brother is a very quiet person, but he’s strong.”

The duo have hit several counties throughout Mississippi, Gray says the voters he’s spoken to say they want an average, everyday representative who understands their needs and knows what life is like for them.