Dorsey Carson and Brad Oberhousen Must Think Alike

The first line is changed around, but other than that- same exact thing. Even the title is exactly the same. These men must really believe in what they are saying if they are just copying some scripted release.

By the way, have been told that Oberhousen defeated Gay Polk following the Dry Grove precinct revote. The unofficial numbers I received were 63 votes for Polk and 39 for Oberhousen. Since Oberhousen had a 111 vote lead, this would make him the winner, but will await final word. Haven’t seen the results posted anywhere else at this point.

Update: Have been told that every Democrat is using the same e-mail. Here is one from Sen. Nickey Browning, slightly altered but same template, who two days ago I praised as one of the last few, true conservative Democrats in Jackson remaining:

Majority in MS