Democrats protesting Democrats – Childers comes under fire

About 20 protesters showed up at a fundraiser for U.S. Rep. Travis Childers on Friday, toting signs and yelling “health care now” in opposition to his recent no vote in Washington, D.C.

To avoid the crowd, Childers went through the back door of the Big Bad Breakfast restaurant, prompting some to call Childers a “coward.”

Oxford native Ocie Cook, 67, carried a sign that said “A no vote on health care is a no vote in 2010.”

Cook said she spent five days in the hospital in 2008 and is still paying a big bill. “We need insurance,” she said.

Northern District U.S. Attorney hopeful Christi McCoy, among those at the fundraiser, said she may not always support Childers, but she would never protest a fellow Democrat.

“It shows public discord within my party,” McCoy said, making Democrats “seem vulnerable.”

Only those invited who paid for a dinner could get into the event, and Childers did not make a statement by press time.

Obama’s health overhaul agenda is now before the Senate.

Local attorney Joyce Freeland said Childers misjudged his district when he voted no, but “he can fix it” with a yes vote when health care legislation comes back to the House.