Democrats ready for November elections

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Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Wayne Dowdy released the following statements on the November Congressional elections:

“Democrats have four exciting races that offer a great dichotomy between what Democrats have done for Mississippians and what Republicans have done to hurt our state.

“People across the nation are fed up with the direction our nation is taking under a Republican-controlled Congress. Their budgets and programs have cut scholarship opportunities to Mississippi students, prescription drug access to Mississippi seniors and farm subsidies to Mississippi farmers. At the same time, they continue to waste taxpayer money in a way that has ballooned our national debt to historic proportions, leaving Mississippi’s youngest citizens with the burden of paying off this debt.

“Democratic congressmen and congressional candidates will offer ideas for a safer America and a stronger Mississippi. They are not the puppets of a political machine but Mississippi Democrats with Mississippi values who lead with our best interest in mind.

“Rep. Eric Fleming is a seven-year veteran of the Mississippi Legislature who has repeatedly supported progressive ideas for Mississippi. His energy and dedication to Mississippi will provide a much-needed alternative to our current junior senator’s support for a Republican agenda that has devastated our state.

“Ken Hurt is a longtime political activist who has worked with some of our state’s most successful governors and elected officials. He understands that Mississippians in the First Congressional District need a representative who is led by their needs and not the political ambition of the rich and powerful Washington elite.

“Congressman Bennie Thompson is a proven leader for Mississippi’s Second Congressional District, working hard for the interests of our state’s most diverse population. His current leadership position as the ranking Democrat on the Homeland Security Committee is vital to ensuring that Mississippi receives the tools necessary to provide our citizens with a safe and secure future. Congressman Thompson is also a brave voice in fighting against the destructive agenda championed by the Republican leadership in Congress.

“Mississippi has had no stronger voice for recovery in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina than Congressman Gene Taylor. Never once did he allow politics to sway him from his demands for a quick and complete recovery effort from Washington. He has fought against the waste and delays and political posturing of the Republican leadership. His voice has been one truly for the people most affected by this catastrophe, regardless of political affiliation.

“Democrats in Mississippi are excited about our stable of candidates and the opportunity to take control of Congress in November. We invite anyone who is fed up with the failures of the Republican Congress to join our fight in electing a new congressman and U.S. Senator and in sending back to Congress two great Democratic leaders.”