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Former Congressman Ronnie Shows was the most recent Democrat to confirm the Left’s “win at all cost” ideology. On the air with me, the former Mississippi Congressman took his time to slam Senator McCain and proclaim to everyone he was voting for Obama. It was a proclamation too much for some long time supporters. They lit up the phones asking how someone who campaigned on faith and family could endorse the most liberal member of the Senate.

The answer is sad but true-party and politics over people and principle. Democrats have a long history of “eating their own” if that’s what it takes. Just ask folks like Supreme Court Justice Thomas, Condi Rice or Gov. Palin. It’s the new Democrat Party that’s winning loyalist in every state. Tell people what they want to hear, promise them the moon and then blame every Republican who’s in office now or has been for the last fifty years.

The man behind this winning strategy is Congressman Rahm Emanuel. If the name rings a bell, it’s because he was one of the main Movers, Shakers and Playmakers during the Clinton Administration. Soon after leaving the White House in 1998 Rahm Emanuel formed a company from his contacts and quickly amassed a fortune of over $16 million dollars in just three years. He used some of that money to win a seat in the House of Representatives. Shortly after his win, he was appointed chairman of the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee.

Emanuel’s talent has been finding candidates that can walk and talk like a Conservative until they are elected. In other words, forget that the Democrat Party of today is farther left than ever before in their undying support for abortion, gay rights, more restrictions on the First and Second Amendments, etc. What Emanuel has been successful in doing is going to the front row pew in local churches to find hometown war or sports heroes, popular local politicians and even celebrities to talk like a Conservative and buck their own Party. Sound familiar?

Ronnie Shows has always crowed about standing up for the veterans. He’s told me numerous times about fighting for our men and women in uniform when he was in office. You would think that former P.O.W. John McCain would garner at least a bit of support from folks like Shows- but not when you understand that in the world of the Democrat Party, it’s Party over Principle, Politics over People.

Paul Gallo

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