As gasoline prices continue to rise, Mississippi Democratic Party Chairman Jamie Franks called on interim U.S. Sen. Roger Wicker to return the $263,000 he has received from Big Oil. [Center for Responsive Politics]

“Roger Wicker has a record of doing favors for his campaign donors,” Franks said today. “Even while Mississippians struggle to pay at the pump, Wicker continues to protect the oil companies and their obscene profits.

“Wicker’s ‘Pay-to-Play’ policies in the Senate have been well documented and it’s time for them to end. Wicker has protected Big Oil’s tax giveaways and now during this crisis he is silent on an energy plan that includes standing up to the oil industry. It’s time Roger Wicker returns the $263,000 he has received from the oil and gas industries.”

Wicker has voted against bills to eliminate taxes and royalties for energy companies that would generate funding to promote energy efficiency measures and energy alternatives. He has voted to block windfall profit taxes and protect tax breaks for Big Oil companies. [Vote 40, 1/18/07; Gannett News Service, 1/22/07; Vote 109, 4/27/06; USA Today, 4/27/06; Vote 146, 6/10/08]

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