Dennis is officially attracting attention

If he hadn’t already gotten the attention of political movers and shakers north of I-10, businessman Dave Dennis, the Coast’s first serious contender for governorship in many generations, has it now.
Dennis, who hasn’t “officially” announced his candidacy, had his first organized fundraiser last week. Around 500 people showed up and together they ponied up between $400,000 to $500,000.

That’s big. While he may not have made an official announcement to the electorate, he’s certainly fired a shot over the bow of his likely opponents.
“We are extremely serious and moving forward,” Dennis said after the fundraiser. “It humbles us to see the reaction and support we have seen so far.”

Dennis is an underdog. He’ll most likely face Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant in a Republican gubernatorial primary, and possibly some others who are also well-known politicians who already hold statewide office. Bryant has name recognition that would require Dennis to spend millions, probably early in the campaigning, just to get his name out there.