Supes OK radios, air DeSoto Schools budget

The board established as part of the formal record and entered into the minutes, the DeSoto County School District’s combined budget for fiscal 2017 with millage figures that appear to result in a tax increase.

DeSoto County School District officials maintain they have held the line on the school budget this year and the budget reflects no tax increase…

….DeSoto staff reported Monday that the school district budget’s millage-levy sheet showed in notes the addition of 1.5 mills, which would result in the millage increasing from 53.7 to 55.07 mills, or about $2 million more from taxpayers…

…While this doesn’t show up as an increase on budget entries that would trigger public hearings and official publication, “it’s still a 1.5-mill increase any way you slice it,” said Supervisor Mark Gardner of Southaven.

Desoto County Times