Petition to fund schools

School leaders support petition drive

HERNANDO – A push is underway to get signatures on a petition to put an initiative on the November ballot for a proposed amendment to the Mississippi Constitution.

If passed, the amendment would force the Legislature to fully fund public schools without raising taxes.

The DeSoto County School District will become active in that effort by allowing petitions to be placed in all of the district schools.

“Mississippi pays less money for students than any other state in the Union,” said DCS Supt. Milton Kuykendall on Thursday. “In Mississippi, we’re paying around $6,000 a student where other states near us are paying $17,000 a student.”

Kuykendall said the district has not been fully funded for years and the growing district needs to be fully funded to adequately serve its students.

“We shortchange our students by not having the money to do the little things we need to be doing,” Kuykendall said. “We do all the big things, but we don’t do the little things that really helps that child struggling with reading, for instance.”

Desoto Times