Senate unveils remap

Sen. Doug Davis, R-Hernando, said under the plan, his district loses about 21,000 people and District 19, currently represented by Sen. Merle Flowers, R-Olive Branch, loses about 25,000 people in order to meet federal one-man, one-person requirements under the 2010 U.S. Census.

Each Senate District must be comprised of approximately 57,000 people within a five-percent variation.

Davis said his newly redrawn district will now include, for the first time, four precincts in Marshall County, or about 6,000 people. That means Davis’ district or District 1, is comprised of about 80 percent DeSoto County voters and less than 20-percent Marshall County voters.

Davis said the new Senate District 8 would be solely comprised of voters from within DeSoto County.

Davis said he has no major problem with the new Senate plan and welcomes the opportunity to campaign for votes in Marshall County.

“There is a lot of commonality between DeSoto County and Marshall County,” Davis said. “Obviously I-269 will come through that area as well as DeSoto County and there is a lot of economic activity going on in that area.”

Flowers said there is still some “tweaking” that needs to be done with the Senate plan. Flowers added he expects the Senate plan to come out before the full Senate later this week.

Desoto Times