Candidates file 2010 finances

Mississippi political candidates were required to file their total campaign finance receipts with the Secretary of State’s office last week and Phil Bryant is currently leading the fundraising race in Mississippi with $1,770,557 in receipts and $2,023,993 on hand.

In the gubernatorial race, democrat Bill Luckett has the second most contributions after Bryant with $486,555.70 and $350,622.88 on hand.

Republican Dave Dennis is the third highest in gubernatorial contributions with $431,198.31 and $527,119.73 on hand.

Republican gubernatorial candidates Hudson Holliday, Jonny Dupree and James Broadwater have raised $99,600, $115,051.05 and $615 respectively.

Locally, Sen. Merle Flowers, R-Olive Branch, reported raising more campaign money than any other DeSoto County candidate in 2010 with $66,266 in receipts and $101,219.15 on hand.

Senate Appropriations Chair Doug Davis, R-Hernando, had the second highest contributions in DeSoto County with $41,521.62 and $59,333.94 on hand.

DeSoto Times