Desoto Times – Nurse running in MS-01 for the Constitution Party

LAKE CORMORANT – Gail Giaramita, a Mid-South health care professional and a former Republican Party candidate for Mississippi state Representative, has filed qualifying papers to run as a Constitution Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives.

“I believe America is at a crossroads,” Giaramita said. “The situation in our country has really deteriorated. I believe we were founded on Judeo-Christian principles. I believe we need to return to our Judeo-Christian foundation.”

Giaramita formerly ran against incumbent State Rep. John Mayo as a Republican Party candidate.

However, she said she no longer embraces many views now held by the Republican Party establishment.

Giaramita, of Lake Cormorant, said the Constitution Party, which calls for limited government and an adherence to the founding document of the nation’s laws and system of government, is a perfect fit for her candidacy.

She filed qualifying papers earlier this week as a Constitution Party candidate.

Giaramita said the nation is ill and the two mainstream parties don’t have the cure for what ails it.

“As a nurse, I view America as a body with cancer,” Giaramita said. “You can treat the symptoms but you have to address the cancer. We have turned away from our holy God.”

“I am happy, quite frankly, to be a blessing to that party,” Giaramita said.

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