State Auditor’s race heating up

For the first time, Pickering has real opposition in the candidacy of Hawkins-Butler, the longtime mayor of the City of Madison.

Madison is the affluent suburb of the state capital of Jackson whose growth has mirrored DeSoto County in recent years.

“The Auditor’s Office is to ensure that tax dollars are properly spent,” Hawkins-Butler said. “the Auditor’s Office is a watchdog for our tax dollars. We must be diligent in protecting those tax dollars. We must hold everyone accountable. It’s important in local government that our clerks have proper training.”…

…Pickering, for his part, said his record of accomplishment speaks for himself.

Pickering, now in his second term and eyeing a third term in office, said his office has recovered more than $27 million in taxpayer funds since taking office.

“We have a great track record and a great reputation to build upon,” Pickering said. “You look at the number of convictions we have and the number in the pipeline. The main message of our campaign is we stand on our record. Our main message is that we stand against corruption. It’s a great success story that we take public corruption seriously.”

DeSoto Times