Our choice is…

Rarely does a community have a chance to call a native son Congressman. Southaven Mayor Greg Davis presents us that opportunity.

Admittedly direct, honestly opinionated, Davis’s candor can be viewed as a breath of fresh air in a political environ too often blanketed with political correctness.

Yet Davis can also boast a track record of compromise and we believe his years as mayor and state legislator will benefit us better than any alternative.

While at Southaven’s helm, Davis directed a burgeoning city that nearly doubled in population. Through careful planning, growing pains have been minimal as he and seven aldermen looked to the future.

Despite bordering a Memphis war zone, Southaven’s leadership has been vigorous in protecting the citizenry and while taxes have been raised, Davis has been fiscally responsible, utilizing additional revenue for infrastructure and emergency services.

A self-described conservative Republican, Davis defines himself as a politician who will take caution with spending other people’s money; who is a pro-life advocate; who supports the sanctity of marriage and one who stands on his ethics.

DeSoto Times Editorial