Destination unknown: SEC bowl participants uncertain with two weeks left

Welcome to the party, Vanderbilt. Come on in.
Much has changed since you last went to a bowl in 1982. The Republican Party is out of power and a new president-elect is headed to Washington, D.C., promising major change.

Yes, Barack Obama wants an eight-team college football playoff. The nerve of the guy …
That idea won’t come off without a fight. Bowls are big business. The last time you went bowling, Vandy, the payoff barely covered bus fare for the band.
Remember Legion Field, site of the 1982 Hall of Fame Bowl? It’s still standing. But the sign “Football Capital of the South” became irrelevant more than a decade ago.
Unfortunately, we can’t tell you your postseason destination just yet. A lot of that is up to you. How does Tampa sound? Beat Tennessee and Wake Forest, and you could spend Jan. 1 in the Florida sun. Lose both games, and you’ll have to settle for Memphis or Nashville. That’s the bad news. The good news: think how much you’ll save on transportation!