15 D’Iberville residents speak for pay raise for mayor, one against

D’IBERVILLE — A lone resident bucked the crowd Tuesday by voicing opposition to a proposed pay raise for Mayor Rusty Quave.

Fifteen people, including Quave’s son Bronson, spoke at the City Council meeting on his behalf, using words such as “saint,” “ambassador” and “visionary.”

Quave said he asked the council several weeks ago to consider a raise because he frequently has to clock out of his full-time job at Gollott Seafood for meetings with developers.

“If I work eight hours a day and I have to take four hours that day to go to work for the city, I lose four hours of pay,” he said. “Actually it costs me money.”

Residents supporting Quave’s pay raise spoke of his dedication to the position.

“If you do the work, you should be compensated,” said Susan Burdine, who said she has called the mayor on nights and weekends with issues.

The lone dissenter, James Hall, said under the city’s form of government, the city manager is responsible for day-to-day operations and the mayor is a part-time figurehead.

“You need to change the form of government if you want the salary of a full-time mayor,” he said.

Quave makes $24,760 a year as a part-time mayor. City Manager Bobby Eleuterius told the Sun Herald last week he makes $92,000 annually.