Dick Jerardi: Davidson’s Curry is gunning for Pistol Pete’s scoring record

THE RECORD has stood since 1970. When Lionel Simmons was making his assault on 3,000 points in 1990, I remember him saying he knew he “wasn’t going to catch Pistol Pete.”
The L-Train finished his career at La Salle with 3,217 points, more than 400 points from Pete Maravich’s record of 3,667. Well, there is finally a challenger for the record. But the challenge comes with three big ifs.
If Davidson junior Stephen Curry comes back for his senior season, can average approximately 30 points per game and gets enough games, he has a real chance.
Curry’s NBA plans will be announced after the season. He has played a lot of point guard this season to get ready for the NBA. Anybody who does not think he can play in the NBA is confused. He can, now or some time in the future.