Dickie Scruggs: A 2nd Chance

That’s why Scruggs says he now lays bare his life in a no-holds-barred interview with The Clarion-Ledger. He wants to promote SecondChanceMS, his new, nonprofit organization to help adults get their high-school equivalency diplomas.

Scruggs hopes to raise $1 million this year alone, and he will climb Washington state’s Mount Olympus in August as a way to meet that goal. His climb, he says, will represent the efforts of adult learners who must overcome their own obstacles to get a GED.

The symbolism, though, extends beyond adult education and into Scruggs’ own life. According to ancient Greek mythology, the original Mount Olympus in Greece was home to the gods, including Zeus, from which Scruggs took his college nickname.

The funds will augment the state community college system’s strained efforts to reach high-school dropouts, get them into classrooms, educate them and offset the GED testing fee.

He has the support of all 15 community college presidents, but he faces a tough sell in the community at large.

Clarion Ledger