With a 48 page opinion, Judge Glen Davidson put to rest any hope that Dickie Scruggs will get out of jail. Davidson was tough on Joey Langston, but didn’t tread too heavily on Scruggs’s brother in law, former Senator Trent Lott, who testified at Scruggs’s evidentiary hearing.

NMC also has analysis.

The most newsworthy thing is that the judge finds that Langston’s testimony at the hearing explicitly contradicted his plea colloquy and his grand jury testimony. Lnangston had admitted the he was guilty of bribing DeLaughter by offering a thing of value– consideration of DeLaughter for appointment to the federal bench. Judge Davidson notes that Langston claimed “I don’t know of a bribe. I’m not aware of a bribe. Obviously, I’m aware of the matter of his interest in a federal judgeship, but we didn’t offer him that.” at 16. Judge Davidson found that langston’s testimony at the evidentiary hearing conflicts with his plea and grand jury testimony, and is “not credible.”

Dickie Scruggs gets denied on his 2255 motion

The YallPolitics Nation is waiting anxiously for the quote that Mike Moore or Chip Robertson give to Patsy Brumfield vowing to fight on.