OK, YallPolitics Nation, I have teased you long enough.

There is a “FREE DICKIE” t-shirt that has been created. It was dreamed up on on the back of one of Judge Acker’s orders while sipping a Grey Goose and tonic at City Grocery. On the back of the shirt . . .

Y’allPolitics.com Top 10 Reasons to Free Dickie Scruggs

10. Two words . . . Magical Jurisdictions

9. Recently discovered he was a distant blood relative of AG Jim Hood

8. Must support Mike Moore’s burgeoning criminal defense practice

7. Prevent Chancellor Khayat from continuing to drive around Oxford at 11 mph in a white Bronco calling UPD and saying “This is R.K. I have D.S. in the car.”

6. The Mississippi Sweet Potato Association has offered Dickie a chance to be their promotional spokesman

5. P.L. Blake still has trouble explaining on his own what he did to deserve $50,000,000

4. Joey Langston, Tim Balducci, Steve Patterson, Sid Backstrom, Judge Lackey, Johnny Jones, Alwyn Luckey, Roberts Wilson and the FBI are all big fat liars

3. The Rigsby Gals are simply unemployable with any other large insurance firms

2. No one else on the plaintiff’s bar is willing to risk an $800,000,000 fortune to bribe judges and expose how evil corporations are

1. Judges Biggers, Acker, Lackey, Bramlette, Walker, Senter and Alexander are now having trouble keeping their civil and criminal proceedings interesting

The first batch has been run through pretty quick, however, we will still have some left at Neshoba. Email us here if you’d like one and we’ll make arrangements.