District Attorneys eyeing financial situation

HATTIESBURG, MS (WDAM) – Budget cuts have put a hamper on most state agencies and Governor Haley Barbour says it’s likely he will make more cuts this year. The judicial system is being stretched thin and that has district attorneys worried about how they will prosecute.

State district attorneys have had their travel pay cut as part of the governor’s second round of budget cuts. Hal Kittrell of the 15th district has to travel to five counties without it.

“We’re trying to readjust,” said Kittrell. “We’re doing a lot of things by mail, we’re doing a lot of things by email by the internet and we are doing whatever we can do.”

Things could get worse for DAs. There is a threat that assistant district attorneys will be forced to take a two month furlough.

“They cannot absorb both the four months of travel and also the two months worth of pay,” said Kittrell.