Divining the Seahawks’ Draft Plans From Pete Carroll’s Musical Clues

Second song: Lil Wayne’s “Let the Beat Build.” (NSFW lyrics.) Guesses: Weezy raps, “I wear bright red, like a girl toe,” which might be a reference to Oklahoma tackle Trent Williams, but he won’t be around at the 14th pick. Rolando McClain, of the Crimson Tide, will be, and so will McClain’s Alabama teammate Kareem Jackson. If you want to get really insane with the color red and agitate the nearest Seahawks fan, consider that both Joe McKnight and Toby Gerhart wore red in college. Lil Wayne also says “And I waved, fool, as I blew by you,” which could point to C.J. Spiller, and “And I got a lot of tattoos,” which probably isn’t a good clue.