CHARLIE MITCHELL: Conservative Republicans again looking to Barbour

Haley Barbour operates in multiple circles. There’s the one most of us in Mississippi hear about and deal with – his interaction with the Legislature, House Speaker Billy McCoy and Lt. Gov. Phil Bryant and the rest of the guys over at the Capitol.

And there’s the one that had yet another photo of Barbour in Time magazine last week – his continuing interaction with his fellow Republicans nationally.

At his core, Barbour is a political whiz on a global scale – a fact brought home not long ago when in a conversation he weighed in on Thabo Mbeki, Jacob Zuma and how the African National Congress might position itself for the future half a world away.

To borrow terms made popular by the just-retired president (who owned a baseball team and was trying to get elected governor of Texas when Barbour was chairman of the Republican National Committee), Barbour has disremembered more about the strategery of politics than most career politicians will ever know.

Charlie Mitchell is executive editor of The Vicksburg Post