House hopeful hard at work, planning

Davis says he believes his fall campaign will be quite different, based on decisions he’s made since the May 13 runoff and because presidential and U.S. Senate races running concurrently will take center stage this time.

– He got rid of his campaign manager, a young man from out of state, and is looking for a Mississippian to take the slot this time.

– He’s counting on a massive GOP turnout for John McCain’s presidential bid and Wicker’s Senate push.

It’s back to basics, Davis said.

“Last time, we lost sight of what we needed to do – get out the voters.”

He lost by about 8 percentage points to Childers, who marshaled a strong grassroots campaign and took majorities in most of the district’s 24 counties.

Davis’ strength was a very large turnout in his home DeSoto County, but it wasn’t enough.

NE MS Daily Journal