Moultrie gets 16 months for beef plant plea

Moultrie said after the sentencing, “This is not about Robert Moultrie. This is not about The Facilities Group. It’s been about getting Ronnie Musgrove. I’m an innocent man pleading guilty to an illegal gratuity.”

Musgrove, a Democrat, ran for the U.S. Senate seat vacated last year by Trent Lott. He was defeated by Republican Roger Wicker of Tupelo.

Assistant U.S. Attorney James Maxwell disagreed with Moultrie and his supporters. “It was for a bad purpose, a crooked purpose. He violated the law.”

A week ago, another former TFG executive was sentenced to 10 months in prison, and a third will be sentenced Jan. 9 for their guilty pleas related to the scandal.

Three others have gone to prison on fraud charges related to the beef plant failure.

NE MS Daily Journal