Zach Scruggs sentenced to 14 months

Zach Scruggs pleaded guilty to failure to report a conspiracy by his father and law partners to bribe Mississippi Circuit Court Judge Henry Lackey earlier this year.

Biggers said even though Scruggs’s father was the primary actor in the case, Scruggs was fully aware of what was going on.

“It was clear that not only did you know what was going on, you were participating also,” Biggers said.

Former Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore defended Scruggs, saying that Scruggs never knew of an attempt to corrupt a judge.

“He(Zach) was never a part of the conspiracy,” Moore said.

Biggers said one of the most negative things about Scruggs’ case was that Scruggs had declared his great love and respect for law.

“Your actions have contradicted your words,” Biggers said.

Scruggs’ defense attorney plans to file a request for Scruggs to delay reporting to the place of his incarceration so that Scruggs may stay with his wife until their third child is born sometime in October. The facility where Scruggs will serve his time is currently undecided.

Daily Mississippian