Documents in Sony leak show how state attorney general was cozy with Hollywood

Other emails show specific requests from Hood circulating among MPAA lawyers. In an email sent on January 16th, a few days before a scheduled meeting between Google and a group of attorneys general, MPAA counsel Vans Stevenson discusses which supporting documents they can provide to Hood and the other AGs in advance.


[Attorney] General Hood called me last night and asked that we provide fresh examples for his planned live “search” demonstration of illegal site activity, including the availability of motion pictures only in theatrical release, which we are working on with our [outside counsel] Tom Perrelli’s team.

A few days later, on the 21st, an email from Perrelli talks about coaching Hood before the meeting:

I spent more time with Hood after the meeting and, I hope, got him focused on the key issues and the asks. He really does care a great deal about piracy – and he doesn’t get sidetracked by some of the things that Microsoft prefers. He wants Google to delist pirate sites and he is going to ask them to do that tomorrow.

Taken together with other documents, it makes a strong case that Hood was being directed by both the MPAA and Microsoft in his investigations into Google, and casts many of those investigations in a new light.

The Verge