Isn’t it a bit odd when a college football coach doesn’t know the name of a star player on an opposing team. A team that he is playing in just a few days? It happened to the old ball coach, aka Mr. Steve Spurrier. The South Carolina coach was asked about Mississippi’s defensive end Greg Hardy on Wednesday at the SEC coaches teleconference. Now, remember, Hardy is listed by as the No. 1 defensive end in college football. Whenever the junior actually enters the draft, he is projected as a first round pick. And Spurrier should know at least a thing or two about playing at the next level, seeing he had a brief cup of coffee as the Washington Redskins head coach.

Heck, Hardy was a key reason Mississippi shocked the Florida Gators (31-30) last weekend. In fact, Hardy is the guy the cover of this week’s Sports Illustrated, pressuring Florida QB Tim Tebow. On the cover it reads: “Ole Miss defensive end Greg Hardy clobbers QB Tim Tebow of the Gators, No. 4 no more.” Think Spurrier will know him now? Florida head coach Urban Meyer knows him. The Sporting News quoted Meyer saying:

“They’re different when he’s not in there,” Meyer said. “I have great respect for great players and he’s a great player.”

You gotta think Spurrier watched the tape of that game, right? So when Spurrier was asked about Hardy, reports that he “seemed at a loss initially.” Kind of like Sarah Palin being asked what she reads by Katie Couric. describes the incident as follows:

Spurrier was silent for a few seconds when first asked the question about Hardy and finally said, “You talking about, uh …”

The reporter asking the question quickly jumped in and responded, “Their defensive end, No. 86.”

Spurrier then cut in and said, “Their defensive end, oh yeah. I don’t really get into all that personnel. When I look at other teams, I sort of look at schemes. But their whole defensive line is very good. Shoot, they’ve got good athletes up and down the field at all positions.

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