The voters in the Third Congressional District have several good candidates from which to choose in the upcoming election. If you are not already committed to one of the candidates, I hope you will consider Gregg Harper. If you are already committed, I certainly understand.

Gregg is dedicated to working for the traditional values we believe in. I have no doubt that he will be a strong supporter of those values in Congress.
We need people like Gregg in Washington now more than ever. There is no doubt in my mind that if liberals gain control of government, those of us who believe in traditional values will have many major battles to fight. I want Gregg to be there leading the fight for us.

Be sure to vote. And if you feel so led, encourage your family and friends to join you in voting for Gregg Harper for Congress.

Thanks for caring enough to get involved. I urge you to go vote.


Donald E. Wildmon