Former mayor catches would-be car burglar, paddles him

The alleged intruder, identified by police as Juwan M. Bibbs, will probably remember Sunday for a long time to come. It could have been the most noteworthy discipline session he’s had in his short 22 years.

Yarber, who is not a small man, grabbed Bibbs and pulled him into the garage so that he could have cover while he subdued him.

“I wasn’t sure if there was a second person, so I didn’t want to stay out in the open,” he said.

When he flipped Bibbs over was when his mindset changed just a bit. The alleged intruder looked like a kid who went to Yarber’s church.

“He said some things that made me mad,” Yarber said. “He asked me not to kill him because he’s got a 2-month-old baby, and I’m like, ‘My kids are in my house right now.'”

That’s when Yarber’s instincts as a former school principal kicked in. He sent his daughter inside to get his paddle, and proceded to sit on Bibbs and paddle him on the backside.

At one point, Yarber can be heard talking to Bibbs on the video made by his son.

“When you break in people’s stuff, it’s because somebody ain’t whooped your tail,” he said as he swung the paddle.

Clarion Ledger