The ending to college basketball’s greatest spectacle looks too easy to forecast this year. No offense to Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, but you might as well flip a coin between the other two Special Ks in the NCAA Tournament.

Heads, Kansas.

Tails, Kentucky.

Whichever side turns up, that’s your next national champion. Maybe it’ll come down to which magnificent guard, Sherron Collins or John Wall, has the ball in his hands for the final shot.

If you’re looking for Cinderella at this Big Dance, don’t hold out until the Final Four. Not only will there be no George Mason impersonator in Indianapolis, I’m not sure there’s a giant-killer that can last beyond the Sweet 16.

A lot of us want turmoil. It’s just more fun when a Davidson or some other bracket-buster leaps into the national spotlight and sticks around for awhile. That’s not happening this year.