At Y’allPolitics, we have live team coverage for the absolute facepalm moments provided by our Mississippi media elites in the last 24 hours on (get ready for it) . . . bathroom policy. This sort of hard hitting media coverage harkens back to the days of Edward R. Murrow, who once famously said . . . .

Here with a live report is a midget wearing a bikini

In case you missed it, last night a group of parents were gathered outside the Mississippi Department of Education Board Meeting where they met to overturn the original guidance from State Superintendent Dr. Carey Wright that originally said MDE should honor the guidance from the Obama administration on Title IX protection for bathroom laws. After a week of pointed criticism from the legislature and the governor, the MDE board has met and now they said they shouldn’t.

But of course, the real news is not what happens in the meeting, but what happens outside. A couple of parents started feeding the gaggle of media with some priceless doctoral level political science dissertations. One mama asked essentially, what happens when some man wants to “have an afternoon delight in one of our girl’s bathrooms and decides to rape one of them”. But the media not content to be trolled did some trolling of their own. MPB’s Paul Boger then stuck a mic in front of a dude holding a three year old with a biker’s goatee and asked multiple times “Are you gay?” The dude’s measured response incorporated the term “bull crap”, which is, of course, a technical term. Then “unidentified dude” asked Boger if he “wanted to go into the bathroom with my little girl . . . C’mon let’s do it . . . I’m going to show you what happens.” Ross Adams with WAPT caught that gem.

Here’s Mississippi Today’s RL Nave’s view from his iphone.

Here’s Geoff Pender’s angle from his iphone.

Here’s WLBT’s view – Jackson, MS

Earlier in the day, not to be outdone, Bobby Harrison (who was gleefully in the background of the extracurricular fracas outside the meeting) on the Daily Journal’s hard hitting pod/youtube cast opined about MDE’s stance.

Though he appears somewhat conflicted on the issue itself, he let’s it slip at about 3:45 in the video that this policy might affect about a dozen people in the entire state Or, in other words, this whole tempest in a teapot is really a solution in a desperate search for a problem.

Meanwhile, in real news/journalism there seems to be some grift involving deputies at MDE (coverage courtesy of Kingfish). In relative terms, that’s getting very little coverage.