Down SEC way, Hogs smell like Ole Miss did a year ago
Arkansas is getting the star treatment after its hot finish in 2009. What if Arkansas does the unthinkable and wins the SEC? Sounds like the Rebels of last season.

So Ole Miss, which hasn’t won the West Division since the conference expanded in 1992, was suddenly rubbing elbows with the SEC elite. And now Arkansas, which Nutt guided to the SEC championship game twice in 10 seasons in Fayetteville, is the latest sexy name being pushed on the runway. Like it or not.

“We’ve got a long way to go before we can start thinking like that,” Arkansas coach Bobby Petrino said.

Not as far as you’d think. Even Petrino admits that questions about the Razorbacks’ defense are the only thing keeping this program from making a significant move. Don’t think he hasn’t used that as motivation the last five months.