We here at the YP nation are in touch with our liberal side, even if it’s only to the extent of our inbox. Here’s an interesting email for all you “angry” “right-wing” “bible-clinging” “gun-totin” “wingnuts” out in the hinterlands.

Dear Friend,

All week, fringe, far-right organizations funded by shady, unreported sources have been ginning up their supporters to disrupt Democratic town hall meetings. The goal: kill every attempt at health care reform and wound President Obama. One leaked memo written by a leader of the Tea Party Patriots tells protesters to “Watch for an opportunity to yell out. … The goal is to rattle him.”

Things have really gotten out of hand. Just see it for yourself:

Watch the video, then fight back.

We must stand against this tiny, vocal minority. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has set a goal to raise $50,000 online by Friday, Aug. 14. Make a contribution toward the goal today. Even a gift of $5 can make a difference.

Help ensure that Democrats have the resources it takes to win. Click here, and make a donation to the DSCC today! Even a gift of $5 can make a difference.


J.B. Poersch