Lynn Fitch touts legislative connections

If being state treasurer were like being a investigative reporter, Lynn Fitch would be a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Fitch has worked in the state capitol in various capacities for close to 25 years. She’s built relationships with senators and state representatives, many of whom are still in office.

So she has the sources — or connections — and knows the ropes of Jackson.

Fitch was tapped by Gov. Haley Barbour in 2009 to serve as executive director of the Mississippi State Personnel Board, where she is responsible for directing more than 32,000 state employees.

As counsel for the state Legislature and special assistant attorney general, she’s developed a dearth of knowledge of the legislative process.

To Fitch, Republican candidate for state treasurer, the transition would be seamless.

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Connie Moran talks economic development

Experience. There’s no substitute.

Ocean Springs Mayor and Democratic State Treasurer candidate Connie Moran hopes her message to voters helps fend off Republican opponent Lynn Fitch in the general election in November. Moran was unopposed in the August primaries.

The election has landmark potential to change the landscape of Mississippi politics, as Republicans make a push to gain majority in the Mississippi House of Representatives, as well as win the Governor and Attorney General races. The GOP hasn’t controlled the Mississippi house in more than 120 years.

The treasurer sits on 12 different boards and commissions that approve bond funding and infrastructure spending in the state. Being outnumbered by Republicans would hinder Moran’s ideas from ever getting off the ground.

She knows what she’s up against, as close to 20 elected Democrats in the state have switched to Republican since 2008.

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