DUNAGIN – Consultant predicts 2011 primary to be “historic” and “transformational”

A Republican political consultant predicted last week that the 2011 statewide elections in Mississippi will be “historic” and “transformational.”

He’s probably right on both counts — especially on the historic part.

Pete Perry, analyst and consultant with Paradigm Government Relations, said the 2011 election will be historic because it will be the first time there will be contested Republican primaries for most of the top state offices, with the winners of the Republican primaries emerging as favorites to win in the November general election.

Perry said next year’s election will be transformational because hotly contested Republican primaries will draw a number of voters out of Democratic primaries, where they have voted for local candidates in the past. This in turn could drive more local candidates to switch from the Democratic to the Republican party.

If, over the next six to 10 months, you see a considerable number of white local elected officials switching from the Democratic to the Republican Party, Perry’s prediction of “transformational” will have become accurate.

Charles Dunagin
McComb Enterprise-Journal