Dungy’s a great man who has done well, but now it’s time for a change at the top

It’s time for coach Tony Dungy to follow his heart, return home to Tampa and his family and the next chapter in his life, and it’s time for the Indianapolis Colts to hear a new voice.

Dungy knows that, and my sense is he has known that every time he has made an in-season trip to Tampa to see his family. Every time he stepped back on the plane to return to Indianapolis, he left a little piece of his heart behind.
Now it’s time to go.
It’s the best thing for Dungy, who has considered retirement at the end of each of the past five seasons, only to be talked back onto the sideline.
And yes, it’s the best thing for the Colts, who have gone about as far as they can with Dungy and his staff.